Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spring Summer 2014 style essentials

Coco Chanel rocked a striped tee like no other. 100% inspirational babestation.  Naturally I'm biased as love all things Chanel, let's take a moment to appreciate this weeks Paris fashion supermarket curtesy of Karl. Yes it was insane, yes I love food shopping but would die to food shop in the Chanel food store. Sadly I am not Rihanna or Cara so didn't get an invite.

So I finally found the perfect Breton striped tee. Thank you Topshop Boutique. I want to wear this simple,stylish piece of perfection every day, every day.

Get yours now at before they sell out.  If I win the lottery tonight I'm bulk buying them all a la Simon Cowell.  

It was my birthday this week, lucky for me I have an amazing boyfriend who has epic present buying teckers, please take a minute to appreciate my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in blue. The perfect sized bag for everyday, the speedy is a style that LV is famous for thanks to Audrey Hepburn, back in the day, she is the reason why we have the smaller 25 size, because she is dainty she can pull off a smaller bag oh so well.  It was a very tough decision between monogram LV and the blue but the blue won and this is one of the best decisions I've made to date.

A soppy thank you Ben for making my birthday extra special, and not just for this absolute treat but for all the thoughtful things too.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with maps right now, this frame was made by my boyfriend who admits he is not very creative, but this is amazing,  inside the hearts are map locations of special places we have been and a lovely quote under each. I will treasure it forever.

Anyone who fancies some amazing pub food needs to take a trip to The Fox House in the countryside near Sheffield. The decor is amazing and the chips are unreal.  Such a lovely place, we went there for our very first date and again this week for my birthday.

I am absolutely in love with the stamp pictures on their walls, and I am now on the hunt for one for my living room.  My homewear obsession is taking over.

Obviously I am going to mention Topshop shoes as I do every blog post, my current favourites are the black Premium Peace boot, which are now reduced to £70 on promotion, they are a dressier version of the Argos I have lived in since August.

Topshop as always is on point around this time of year, I couldn't resist the snakeskin coat, worn by this total babestation at London fashion week and Kelly Osbourne. Perfect for warmer days, perfect belted as a dress for work.

And last but not least one of my favourite items of the moment is the Topshop Persian rug sweat top. There is a matching bodycon midi skirt, but that's not for me, I want to layer this carpet jumper over everything and lol about on a carpet in it.

Carpet print sweat -£34 Topshop, I bought in a 16 as found it quite small fitting and I wanted oversized

Worn here with black Joni jeans -£36 Topshop
Faux fur collar and necklace past season Topshop
YSL inspired arty ring -eBay 

Worn today over my Little White Lies Wednesday Adams dress with black tights and my new bag.
I will be wearing these items a lot this season, and this is a top pick to take to Glastonbury this summer.

Peace, love and speedys

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Love is in the air.
All you need is love.
What is love? 

Valentine's day is fast approaching, every month we have some sort of celebration a few weeks back it was Chinese New Year, yes we all got a Chinese to celebrate, soon it will be pancake day, I've already booked it off work, even though we can eat pancakes any day, we love to join in and get involved and Valentine's is no different.  For those single people just remember you are single every other day too, and one day someone is going to hug you so tight, that all of your broken pieces stick back together and that right there, that moment is true love.

I like to wear red on Valentine's, there is a banging red suit I'm coverting in Topshop sale right now, £45 for the jacket and trousers and the fit is amaze.

But I think I will stick with one of my favourite purchases from 2013, the love heart print blouse I got from Topshop. Now if you have seen me between November and now I will no doubt have had this blouse on I am totally smitten by it and feel that once washed and ironed this will be on my back Friday 

Love heart jewellery is all over the high street right now, you can pick up rings, necklaces the lot, but I love this old mikey beast, remember mikey jewellery it was so good, I bought this years ago because I thought the old lady had dropped it into the ocean at the end. Obviously a red lip is needed on Valentine's -Mac ladydanger is my favourite red.

Obsessing with heart shapes? Why not make yourself and loved one a heart shaped pizza, I bought a packet base and just added water rolled out cut into a heart and topped with goats cheese and caramelised onions and it tasted amazing, it was so easy and quick to make too.

Stuck for gift ideas? I could always whip you up a plate with a love quote on, you can make the breakfast on it though.

Peace, love and lots of it

Long overdue...

Apologies for the lack of blogging, I've had a lot on, we are in our new house now, we spent Christmas here and it was lovely, the main rooms are pretty much finished we still have decor and bits to do but it will all come in time, I can't wait til the day we get a dining room table, I've managed to master the art of tv dining pretty well though.

So as well as Christmas happening since I last blogged, where I was truely spoilt by my soulmate, I got some gorgeous things and had an amazing day, the hardest part was been not being able to see my Mom this year, which I was gutted about but we will spend Christmas together again one day. We have also had the sales, and this year Topshop was on top form with bargain after bargain, mark down after markdown and new lines added so much I found it really hard to resist! 

I received this gorgeous gold french ornate jewellery box for Christmas, one of my favourite gifts ever

The Christmas dinner feast, or main event as I like to call it.

This to die for Tiffany infinity ring which has led me to wearing lots of silver jewellery right now.

This is probably my most favourite photo ever, 2013 was most definitely the happiest year of my life.  2014 will be even better, I witness 2 of my best friends get married, I am going to Glastonbury, I get to spend so many more happy times in our new home and fingers crossed me and Ben will get a holiday, hoping to pass my driving test too as well as wearing more tailoring! 

I mentioned the sales were on top form, here are some of my bargains

The white tassel dress, I can't wait for summer to rock this with a tan, feather earrings and copious rings. 

I got this awesome Karl sweatshirt from net-a-porter I will sit inside wearing it reading my Karl Lagerfeld book one day soon! 

These Topshop blue suede boots are irresistible in real life, the blue is electric and adds a colour pop to any outfit, obviously one of my favourites despite how flat they are -please note these boots do have a 1 inch block heel but due to being a women in heels anything below 2 inches I consider a flat.

Peace, love and happy bargain hunting

Friday, 29 November 2013

What the fuck is myrrh?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, yes I know it's not quite December yet but this year I am super excited for my favourite time of year! Plus tomorrow I am going to the Christmas market in York so will feel ultra festive drinking mulled wine all wrapped up in my new faux fur cream Topshop scarf 

It's lush isn't it, I have eyed it up for a couple of weeks now, and finally gave in after the realisation and memory of last year looking for one of these, I could only get hold of a black one and I had to buy the coat to get it as they were not available seperate like this year.  I also thought it would look nice with my new sequin top and I quickly wore them together! 

I love these together I felt like a Snow Queen. 

Sequin top £48
Faux fur scarf £25
Necklace £2.50. 
All Topshop

I wear sequins all year round so don't feel too festive when I wear them but this is the best time of year to buy a sequinned beauty on the highstreet.  Ebay is always good for a sequin top though my favourite leopard one is from there, I totally struck gold with this one

I am super excited this year about advent, I have started a tradition of a home made advent calendar this year, just 24 small gifts for Ben one for each day of advent, all wrapped and hung ready to go.

This is hands down the cutest most adorable thing I think I have done for anyone and I am proud of it, but he said not to get him a Christmas present -it's his birthday on the 21st and have struggled but managed to after anticipating that I wouldn't get one to get a PS4, thank you John Lewis, so here are all his stocking fillers one for every day of advent.

We all tried to guess what the advert was and yes it is my favourite of the year, totally obsessed with Lily Allen singing and the little hare. Kudos to John Lewis for answering the phone at 8am this morning and having a ps4 left for home delivery! Boyfriend was convinced I wouldn't get one.  My shopping ability never fails!

Saw these real trees today in Sheffield town centre, there is a tree shed on Fargate called "the tree amigos" it creased me and I wish I could have got one.  Hopefully Monday after the first Christmas party of the year we can maybe put our tree up in our new home ready for Christmas.  I'm still hoping for a real one although it isn't looking likely. I love a real tree, the smell is one of the best things EVER.

I will be watching Christmas films Monday too, starting with my absolute favourite.

Buddy the Elf oh how I love you and could watch you everyday.  If you have not seen Elf I recommend you watch it ASAP you will be in stitches all the way through. I also plan to watch Mean Girls when I am basking in a hangover Monday, and earlier today I made this

I clearly had too much time on my hands when wrapping gifts!

Peace love and Christmas spirit


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Autumn is here

A gorgeous Sunday spent with my fella, it started with an extra hour in bed as the clocks went back, always a good day, an hour to enjoy some pancakes with honey and white chocolate made by Ben, pancakes are one thing I categorically cannot make.

Less than a week til we get the keys to our home and 15% off at Homebase meant a trip there, got some paint samples and a few necessities we have also browsed tiles for our kitchen and bathroom, it's amazing how enjoyable these home stores can be when you actually need things.

It has been super windy and didn't want to look too dressy in DIY shops so I ended up dressing like Kevin McCallister, the 8 year old boy from Home Alone.


I love winter clothes and like to be toasty, this is one of my more casual looks.

Jeans -vintage Levis, available in any vintage store or the renewal section of Urban Outfitters, I got these from there last March and surprisingly I have worn them loads
Jumper -Topshop
Bag -Zara sale at Christmas, check eBay, I believe Zara do some of the best bags on the highstreet they always look high end and similar to Alexander Wang styles
Scarf -stolen from my boyfriend, tartan is everywhere on the highstreet
Shoes -Office, again last years

 "keep the change, ya filthy animal!"

Autumn and the lead up to Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, Halloween is approaching and we have had fun carving a pumpkin this afternoon.

We have gone for a sugar skull type design with a love heart, we drew it on, it was a bit of a ball ache scooping all the inside out, but Ben did most of that! I used a screwdriver to make the small holes.  Pumpkin carving is definitely harder than it looks.

Bonfire night is also coming which means one of my favourite foods are back in the shop for a limited period -toffee apples, you are never too old for this snack, and it contains apple so can't be too bad for you, can it!?

Peace, love and happy halloween

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Pass me a paintbrush...bring on the home decor.

In 2 weeks time I will no doubt be stood with a paintbrush in my hand or a drill putting up mirrors or shelves in our new home. I have recently become slightly obsessed/addicted to Pinterest, for all my decorating needs as well as obviously fashion, I have discovered some amazing DIY ideas, found hundreds of things to do with old maps and found some great inspiration. I have made mood boards for all different rooms in hope some of ours may look just as good, find me on Pinterest -Ladysophs or continue reading for some of my favourite things.

I am totally addicted to map prints, I have a small world map poster currently but I want a map wall somewhere in our house most probably our living room, I love the look of this next to the tan leather, our sofa is ordered, can't wait for it to arrive it is so comfy, or it was when I sat for 45 mins in DFS on it, we have gone for tan leather with chaise, I will most often be found chillin on it when I am in and everything is decorated, I wouldn't have picked tan leather single handedly but I am uber excited for it.

 I also want a navy blue wall in the living room as navy and tan look so nice together, obviously with accents of gold, mirrors and frame on a gallery wall as I am obsessed with these. 

If anyone knows where I can get an apothecary table from, remember that Friends episode where Phoebe and Ross got the same one -that is exactly what I want, obviously I have searched the Pottery Barn website but so expensive I need something UK based, a vintage one would be ideal. I want one as a TV stand the drawers would be amazing to store DVDs in.

I am also super excited to decorate the bedroom, in my head I'm thinking mint green, as we both think each other is mint and I don't want anything too bright, I want a Parisian French feel with a twirly iron bed and ideally that Urban Outfitters poodle table that I have obviously mentioned before because of how fabulous it is.

This bed is amazing and I adore the headboard and lampshade, these chanderlier type lampshades will naturally adorn more than one light bulb in our house possibly with an old ornate frame round too.

The elephant addiction continues I want this gorgeous print framed for our room.

I am totally going to get crafty with an old Bombay Sapphire bottle and lampshade too, I saw this craft tutorial on Pinterest -follow this link if you want to make one >

I am obsessed with dreamcatchers, I have one tattooed on my ribs by the amazing Rebecca Vincent but Vanessa Mooney makes the best dreamcatchers, look at this amazing treat, love the plain simplicity of this, I will create my own dreamcatcher for above our bed.  If Ben would let me I would hang a dreamcatcher in every single room.

When we decided to move in together Ben bought me this Paris plan gift wrap as a poster I want to get this framed and have it in our bedroom, one day we will go to Paris.

Just an example of a gallery wall, I am collecting prints and frames as these are my favourite.  I don't just hang photos but bags, corsages and anything else I can think of.  I had one in my old flat pictured below and I loved looking at it.  Excuse the lolly, also fingers crossed Ben will put up our pix as I clearly am not the best at it as they are not straight.


The kitchen is Ben's domain so he is in charge of that, I want pastal colours and some exposed brick, or a kitchen like the one on The Great British Bakeoff.  It doesn't mean I've given up on shopping though, plates have recently become one of my favorite things to buy, I hope to have mismatched plates, which is why I have drawn some of my own, I also want mismatch chairs around our dining table, but that's another thing to think about there is just so much to do!

I got 2 of these flamingo plates a while back in the sale at Urban, I also want some plastic pink flamingos for the garden, but I will worry about the garden in summer.

These are all plates I have designed for our kitchen, I can't wait to use them, I recently made and sold other designs on my etsy store -search my shop name is 10Bears.  I will be making some more soon when I'm moved in and unpacked, in the meantime if you want any special designs please let me know in advance, prices vary according to plate size.

I love this idea for a magnetic notice board, and I hope to recreate this in our kitchen, minus the children's drawings.  Or in my dressing room for outfit inspo.

Yes I get a dressing room! I am the happiest girl in the world right now, I can't wait to get started on the dressing room.  I want plain white as a blank canvas for my clothing.  An oldfashioned dressing table, copious amounts of mirrors and my room will be decorated with jewellery, Vogues and Chanel pictures.  This will be my favourite room.

I adore these old fashioned lampshades, this is the room I can add my girly touches too, he's having a boys game room too so don't feel like he is left out!

I adore this simplicity.

I am 100% going to recreate this for some of my jewellery

This rail is a dream, I would love this as a rail for my current favourite items and then a wardrobe for other clothes!

I literally cannot wait for moving day, not long now, all my dreams are coming true and I am extremely lucky.  2013 has been the best year to date.

For more decor ideas I love check out my Pinterest 

Peace, love and DIY